Frequently Asked Questions


Flex Dollars are the dollar amount added to a person's account when they purchase either the RU Flex Plan or the Flex Jr. These are discounted dollars which receive one of two discount rates depending upon where they are used. When used at one of the two main dining facilities, Dalton Dining Hall or Muse Marketplace, they receive a 66% discount off of the door rate for any of the meal periods. When Flex Dollars are used in the Terrace Shops or Chick-fil-A they are given a 50% discount from the amount of the purchase. At anytime during the semester a student runs out of Flex Dollars they may add additional Flex Dollars Plus to their account and receive the same discounts as they did with the original Flex Dollars.


Vending Dollars only come with the RU Flex Plan. Students who purchase the RU Flex Plan get $30.00 Vending Dollars which can be used in the snack and drink vending machines on campus. Vending Dollars are supplemented by adding to ONE Card or CampusCash.

What do I do if I lose my card?

If you lose your ID/ONE Card you need to do one of the following immediately:

During normal business hours, contact the ONE Card Office to have it deactivated. After normal business hours, contact the RU Police Department to have it deactivated. Deactivate your card via the "Manage your account" web feature 24 hours a day.

If you find your ID/ONE Card after you have had it deactivated, you must present the card in person in the ONE Card Office in Heth Hall to have it reactivated. If you cannot locate your ID Card and need to obtain a new one there is a replacement fee of $15.00.

ID Card vs. ONE Card

The Radford University ID Card that each student receives also serves as their ONE Card. Everything requiring a card at Radford University is done from one card. Each card comes with the ONE Card account already set to accept deposits into it. Once a deposit has been made it can be used at any of the listed locations. Since the card carries a monetary value on it, all laws of the Commonwealth apply regarding theft or fraudulent use.

The card also contains any meal plan that a student may have and provides them access to use it as described in the meal plan section.

How much have I spent?

Students wishing to find out how much they have spent from any of their accounts may do so by accessing the "Manage Your Account" function, from our Homepage. For parents wishing to find out how much their student is spending and where, we ask that you obtain that information from your student. While we would like to provide this information to parents, the card is similar to a bank card and therefore, the records and balances are confidential. Your student may set you up with guest access from the "Manage My Account" page.

The RU Flex Plan costs $1932.50. Why does my student only get $594.00 Flex Dollars and $30.00 Vending Dollars?

Included in the total cost of the plan is a base cost which is used for utilities, maintenance and labor to support the food service program. This charge, which is included in all meal plans, is not available for food purchases. The remainder is available to use in dining facilities to purchase food at substantial discounts. Refer to plan description above.

Will the Flex Plan cover meals for the entire semester?

Since each student has the individual choice of where to eat and how much to spend on a meal it is up to them to monitor their spending. It is possible to run out of Flex dollars before the semester is over, so budget your Flex dollars carefully. If your Flex dollars balance gets low you may purchase additional Flex dollars.

What is the Transfer Credit associated with the 65 and 90 Meal Plans?

A meal in the cafeteria may be transferred to the Terrace Shops or Chick Fil A for a retail value of up to $7.65 per meal used. If the value is over $7.65, the student has the option of using another meal or paying the difference with cash, Campus Cash or ONE Card.